We carry a wide variety of Garden tools and accessories, including amongst others hosepipes, hose fittings, garden shears, loppers, sacateurs, irrigation equipment and garden forks, spades, rakes, axes and slashers. A large selection of insecticides, herbicides and plant foods ideal for landscapers & recreational are also available. 

Chainsaws are the ideal implement to use for the pruning or cutting of trees. They are powered in petrol (2 stroke), electric or battery and vary in power for domestic and industrial use.

We stock and service: Stihl, Husqvarna, Tandem and Echo and service many other brands.

Be sure to visit our Chainsaws page for more information on the uses of chainsaws and the models needed for the correct application. 

An added accessory for any small or large garden is a blower/vac. Petrol, electric and battery models are available from those suitable for homeowners to larger models ideal for landscapers large recreational facilities.

We stock and service: Tandem, Stihl, Husqvarna and service many other brands

The perfect finish for any small or large garden is a well trimmed hedge. Investing in a capable trimmer will take the hours of effort spent, on one section of your garden, out of the equation. A hedge trimmer with the correct feature for your garden will make trimming a breeze. The variables of a good trimmer can make a big difference.
Visit us for more advice on blade length, teeth spacing, tip protectors, advice on the correct time to trim and many more spare parts.  These are available in petrol, electric and battery.

We stock and service: Stihl, Husqvarna, Lawnstar & Tandem and service many other brands

Maintanance to ones property is key in longevity and quality. And such maintanance entails washing of sorts. And what better way than to clean away years and years worth of grit and grime with a high pressure cleaner. High pressure cleaners can be used in washing away loose paint in the preparation of painting your roof or outside walls. Paved driveway looking a bit bleak? A good wash will sort that right out.  High pressure cleaners are a staple in any car owners arsenal, it can wash away the dirt and mud collected on the body work and even the undercarriage. We stock a wide range of domestic and industrial high pressure cleaners.

We stock and service: Stihl, Husqvarna and Hoffmann and service many other brands.